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How to try the Nokia Share Online demo-blog with manual configuration in Share Online v2.0

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Manual configuration

This section describes how to use the manual configuration in Nokia Share Online v2.0. However, it's much easier to use the automatic configuration, as is described on the Nokia Share Online server page →. Note that v3.0 doesn't even support manual configuration anymore.

  1. Screenshot0002.pngStart the Share Online application.
  2. Screenshot0003.pngFrom the main menu, select "Add new provider".
  3. serviceslink.pngEnter details:
    Provider name:
    Web Address:

    To make things easier, use the bar-code application to copy and paste the web address form the barcode.

  4. From the main menu, select "Add new account", and select the provider you've just added, "Demo".
  5. Screenshot0006.pngEnter details:
    Account name:
    DemoAccount (or whatever you want, doesn't matter)
    Service provider:
    User name:
    Image posting size:
    Small or Normal. 'original' is quite large and the server might decide to abort the process while uploading, because it takes too long.
  6. Screenshot0008.pngAfter this, the phone asks "Retrieve services now?". Answer YES. The phone will now get a list of blogs available to the demo-account.
  7. Screenshot0011.pngNow you'll have "Blog 1" and "Blog 2". Pick one, and from the menu select "Set as default".
  8. Screenshot0009.pngClose the application, and open the camera to take a picture, or simply select an image from your galery. Select the second icon, "Post to demo account".
  9. Screenshot0010.pngThat's it! Your phone now automatically resizes the image, and uploads it to the demoservice. Your photo should appear below :)
  10. After you're done playing around, you can delete the demo account and provider.

Uploaded images

Below are the images which are uploaded by users of this demo:

Last image uploaded on demoblog 1:

demo blog 1

Last image uploaded on demoblog 2:

 demo blog 2

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