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Simple pattern to calibrate your analog-connected TFT

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Simple TFT auto-adjust pattern

tft calibration patternAt work I use two older 15" TFT pannels. They're connected using the traditional analog VGA cable. The "auto adjust" button works just fine, but sometimes some distortion and instability can be seen.

As it turns out, syncing the display while displaying a simple XOR-pattern gives very good results. Afterwards, the image is rock stable and correctly aligned.


To auto-adjust, auto-sync, auto-align your TFT panel, try the following:

  • Switch your browser to full-screen. On Windows-browsers, try pressing F11.
  • Open the sync pattern ↑.
  • Press the auto-adjust button on your TFT display.
  • Done. The pattern should be smooth, without distortions and without moire-artifacts.
Of course, if your display is connected by a digital link (DVI etc) this (should) be quite useless :)
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