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Website van Randy Simons. Op deze site o.a.: 3D fotografie, Multi Columns met Javascript en CSS 1, Nexime.





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Welkom op de website van Randy Simons. Deze site is bedoeld als een online visitekaartje. Je vindt hier informatie over mij en mijn projecten.

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WiicooZ updated for Arduino v1.0

After almost three years these helicopters are still available! I've just updated the WiicooZ code for compatilibity with Arduino v1.0.

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433MHz libraries for Arduino

I've experimenting with Arduino before, but now I've created libraries for use with some 433MHz radio operated home appliances. GPLv3 open source, available on bitbucket.

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Press release "Web advertisements use the equivalent amount of energy as 2000 households"

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Paper updated, published as a CTIT technical report.

The paper The Hidden Energy Cost of Web Advertising has been updated with the help of co-author A. Pras, and has been published as a CTIT Technical Report. It now includes a comparison of the total energy consumption by web ads and the energy consumption of Dutch households. It turned out the electrical energy used for displaying web ads is enough to power nearly 2000 households! See the website of the paper at the EEMCS print service or the accompanying page on this site for details.

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Paper: The Hidden Energy Cost of Web Advertising

I noticed that some Flash-based advertisements on websites are rather CPU intensive. Since CPUs can be quite energy-hungry, this left me wondering what the energy consumption is caused by all the web advertising, when browsing the web. Thus, I investigated and wrote a paper on the energy consumption of web advertising. See the accompanying page for the abstract and the paper.

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